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  • LANGUAGE DOC helps you overcome language barriers so that your business can succeed within local and global markets. We are YOUR LOCAL + GLOBAL PARTNERS

  • Since its foundation, Language Doc has established itself as a true leader in providing best in class language services in United States and around the world. We take pride in the breadth of our services and go to great lengths to ensure that only the most experienced, highly qualified translators, interpreters, and transcriptionists  deliver them

  • Our team is diligently chosen national and international crew of highly qualified language professionals, all of whom share a passion for language and has an ardent spirit to help others. Our highly-skilled team of linguists is supported by industry leading technology to deliver a fast, accurate service designed to meet yourlanguage translation/interpretation/transcription needs. We work for unlimited fields 

  • Our clients see us as their in-house translation services department, and it is this partnership-focus that differentiates us from other language service providers

  • Our distinguished team of linguists is supported by industry leading technology to deliver a fast, accurate service designed to meet your language translation needs

  • In this world of Internet globalization, it is essential for your business to expand to meet the demands of a multilingual/multicultural society. Language Doc can help you achieve that goal by helping you translate all of your business advertising and products into any language you may need. We provide language services to break the barriers of language and to create the language harmony for an unlimited range of professional fields 

  • Additionally, our transcription service has really taken off. Clients are increasingly seeing the value in transcribing their audio files (phone calls, interviews, meetings, etc.), translating them, and then storing them for future reference. We are committed to the continued development of innovative services that will help you address barriers to communication