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  • ​Litigation Support
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  • Medical Appointments
  • Medical Evaluations (PQME/QME/AME/IME)
  •  Meetings (business)
  • Multi-Disciplinary Interview of Child (MDIC)
  • Multi-Lingual Presentations
  • National Protection and Programs
  • Police Force
  • Real Estate
  • Recorded Statements
  • Religious Organizations
  • Social Services
  • Software
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Communication is the pivotal key. Language Doc provides professional On-site interpreting services in the world's main languages locally and worldwide. Our On-site interpretation services can help individuals and businesses communicate more effectively. With the increasingly multi-cultural nature of the global settings, a face-to-face interpreter can help you quadruple your business growth and also protect you from the dangers and the risks of the communication being incomprehensible to the non-english speaking candidates.

Interpreting is the unrehearsed conversion of a spoken or stated report from one language to another. It requires careful listening to a message in one language (source language) and then providing an oral or signed equivalent into another language (target language). Interpreters must have an outstanding comprehensive skills, remarkable memory, perspicacious alertness and should possess penetrating and crisp knowledge of both source and spoken languages. Even if there is a request for an on-site interpretation for an exotic language, we make it easy for you by providing the top-notch language services up to the expectation of your clients. Our global network of professional interpreters allows us to find the most qualified interpreters for each project.

​For simultaneous conference interpretation, we can provide all necessary equipment and technical support to ensure that your event is truly world class. We always attempt to accommodate rush or emergency interpreter requests, but keep in mind that by planning ahead we are able to schedule the best interpreter to match your requirements. 

We only use qualified interpreters to ensure accuracy and professionalism. Our face-to-face interpretation services offer a huge packet of advantages:

  • Keeping your business meetings moving along and making sure everyone is on the same page 
  • Providing aural and visual elements to the interpretation -face-to-face interpretation allows you to convey tone, as well as pick up on body language signifiers, allowing a more complete experience of English for your staff/clients 
  • Ensuring the safety of your non-English speaking staff by making sure they understand safety policies and any dangers in the workplace 
  • Fulfilling your legal responsibility to your non-English speaking employees or workers' compensation clients by making sure that they have understood everything correctly and what is expected out of them 
  • Allow your business to be truly multilingual - use us as an extension of your business in order to move into new overseas markets, or attract clients you would not otherwise have been able to attract​

Access to not only a handful of different languages, but more than  up 200 languages

You can definitely transcend the language barrier with Language Doc

Leave it to us – our experienced team of interpreters will help you communicate and ensure that your appointment, meeting or event will run smoothly.

Just tell us and we’ll get it done perfectly for you !!