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A clinical trial is the stringent testing of new drugs or medical devices conducted in the scientific atmosphere to achieve the accurate results. Clinical trials are research studies that authenticate the safety and effectiveness of the medical devices and new medical procedures for the human beings. The purpose of a clinical trial is to determine the safety and efficiency of new pharmaceuticals or medical devices before they are approved by the regulatory authorities and released in the international market. So it is mandatory to have clinical trials before launching the new product in the market and every year a big fortune is spent on the related research work. The drugs and medical devices are for the beneficial effect on the human health, but the manufacturers have to make sure of the results.

Language Doc provides a wide range of clinical trial translations in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian, French, and all other exotic international languages. Due to the economic reasons Clinical trials are rapidly taking place in third world countries like China and India. They have the availability of more volunteers to participate in the laboratory tests, who are already suffering from acute illnesses. This has created a huge requirement for clinical trial translation services that is catered by scintillating brilliant scientists with medical credentials. Clinical trial translation has become a very dominant decisive factor during the process of a clinical trial, which focuses on regulations, clinical research and reviews, manufacturing and marketing strategies.

Language Doc has the capacity to handle all your clinical trial translation projects:

•    Case Report Forms (CRF)
•    Clinical Trial Materials
•    Doctor Guides
•    Documents for Regulatory Agencies
•    Drug Inserts
•    Informed Consent Forms (ICF)
•    Information Leaflets for Patients
•    Marketing materials and web content
•    Manufacturing Specifications
•    Patient Questionnaires
•    Patient Guides
•    Patents
•    Regulatory Documents
•    Training materials