Dr. KanwalGlory Sing


Language Doc/Language Harmony, incorporated under Dr Glory's Glorious Solutions,

 was set up  by Dr. KanwalGlory Sing who has a profound interest in different languages and cultures and a zeal for helping people to communicate effectively, irrespective of their nationality and the language impediment. Language Doc provides a comprehensive range of language services designed to meet the ever changing requirements of a demanding yet loyal client base – at very competitive prices. Translation,Interpreting,Transcription and Medical Translation is our core business but Language Doc also provides a wide range of specialist language services which are delivered by our strong global network of professional and talented linguists.

Language Doc has a strict quality control and confidentiality procedures. Through incredible determination and an unfaltering passion for a vulnerable industry, Language Doc not only survived but thrived to grow and prosper in the multilingual and multicultural gigantic global sphere.

Dr KanwalGlory Sing  CEO

Dr Glory's Glorious Solutions


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