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Language Doc is a provider of medical translation services and the range is very wide. It encompasses the translation of journal articles, newsletters, and medical books, and also commercial translation services for the Medical industry that includes:

  • Medical Devices Translation Services

  • Pharmaceutical Translation Services

  • Clinical Trial Translation Services

Medical Devices Translation Services

Medical devices refer to instruments that are used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases or other medical conditions. The main features of the Medical Device industry are medical equipment, devices, and medical tools and instruments of the same nature. The domain of medical devices is humongous. It can be anything from small thermometer to a highly sophisticated and exorbitantly expensive diagnostic device. The medical devices are now commonly used in homes, laboratories, clinics and hospitals. If you want to market your medical device outside the country in which they were developed, it requires very careful translation of all the instructions and specifications. To market the devices on global sphere, they need to have compliance with the regulations existing in that country. To sell the product in the specific country, the essential part of the content has to be made available in the native language of the speakers in the given market.It needs to be translated by competent linguists with impeccable linguistic skills, because of the intricacy of the subject-matter and sometimes also the cultural differences. We provide a wide range of translation services for medical device companies in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian, French, and all other major International languages.

Language Doc is a leading provider of medical, technical, and scientific engineering translation services in the world. We have an experienced team of medical translators and editors with acuminous writing expertise. Most of our Medical and scientific translators have very high credentials such as MD, MS and PhD, in all major areas of medical sciences and engineering fields.

​The Medical Device industry has achieved rapid worldwide growth both in sales and in cooperation toward new product development. We can take care ofyour medical device translation projects:

  • Medical devices, tools, equipment& review translations
  • Anesthesia delivery translations
  • Translations for Cardiac rhythm management devices
  • Cardiology translations
  • Catheters translations
  • Dentistry translations
  • Diagnostics translations
  • Endoscopy translations
  • Orthopedics translations
  • Magnetic resonance translations
  • Neurology translations
  • Patient monitoring translations
  • Translations for Ultrasound imaging and Radiology
  • Resting ECG systems translations
  • Translations for Infection Control and Sterilization
  • Surgical instruments translations
  • Vascular translations
  • Ventilation translations

The medical device industry is growing and expanding by leaps and bounds and hence the demand for translations in the industry has also increased:--

Medical device exports have quintupled over the last 18 years.

30% of medical devices produced in the US are exported, with diagnosis devices comprising the largest export sector.

The medical devices firms acknowledge the fact that their product development is driven by the prospect of overseas opportunities The top producers in the Medical Devices industry are the US, China, the UK, Germany, Japan, and France. Some of the top importers of Medical Devices are Canada, Japan, China, the UK, the Netherlands, and Brazil. The US, Germany, China, France, and Japan are some of the top exporters of Medical devices.

Healthcare Regulations in the European Union makes it mandatory that the product labels, instructions for use and critical documentation being translated into the native languages of the country where the devices are sold